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            How do I submit a ticket through the ALS NeverSurrender portal?

            How to submit a ticket through ALS NeverSurrender portal

            1.       On the Home page, click or tap Add ticket.

            2.       The system displays the Submit a Ticket page. Enter the following:

            ·         Contact Name: Enter your full name.

            ·         Department:  Select (1) ALS Never Surrender Foundation, (2) or (3)

            ·         Email: Enter your email address. Please check that you entered your email address correctly because this will be the email address we use to contact you.

            ·         Subject: Enter a few words to describe your problem or question. For example: If you are having trouble submitting e-consent forms, enter “E-consent forms”, or if you are having trouble using the tap activities, enter “Tap Activities”.

            ·         Description: For problems, enter as much information as you can to describe how to reproduce the problem. Include the pages you accessed, the buttons and features you tapped, data you entered in the forms, and error messages displayed by the app. The more information you provide, the more quickly we will be able to resolve the problem. For enhancement requests, enter a description of the enhancement and how the enhancement would help you and other users use the app.

            ·         Product Name: Enter the name of the app you are using (1) ALS iNVOLVE Patient app (2) ALS eNGAGE Institution app, (3) ALS iKinetics, or (3) ALS NeverSurrender website.

            ·         Priority: Select a priority using the following guidance. If the problem prevents you from accessing and completing any of the activities, select “High” priority. If you found a work around for the problem, then select “Medium”. If the problem doesn’t prevent you from completing activities, then select “Low”.

            ·         Classifications: Select how you would classify the ticket.

            o   Question: Includes questions about the app, how to use the app, and how the data collected by the app helps you and other patients.

            o   Problem: Includes problems you experience when using the app that prevent you from performing activities or entering data.

            o   Feature: Includes improvements for existing features and activities, and suggestions for new features. We encourage and appreciate all enhancement suggestions!

            o   Others: Select this option if the ticket does not fall into any of the other three categories.

            ·         Word Verification: Enter the text you see in the  image below Word Verification. This ensures that you are a real person who is submitting the ticket (as opposed to a robot).

            ·         Attachments: Click on the Attachments link to upload photos, screen shots, or any other files that will help us respond to the ticket.

            3.       Click or tap the Submit button.

            After you submit the ticket, one of our customer support team members will contact you via email.

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            Updated: 04 Feb 2019 11:05 AM
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